My Apps


(1) iBridgeFun



Versions for iPad/iPhone and iMac.

Bridge classic hands for Apple TV

The main idea of iBridgeFun is: SHOW you a lot of classic Hands played by the famous bridge masters with comments to illustrate the various techniques for you to improve your playing skills. ( It's NOT an on-line game)
iBridgeFun collected more than 1000 classic and good hands played by bridge masters, illustrating the various techniques, including safety play, removing play, block and unblock, killing defense, extra chance, Italy Blue team's up and downs etc, which covers all declarer and defense basic playing skills.
It's simply a portable bridge table that you can learn bridge technique, train yourselves, enjoy bridge master's skills at anytime and anywhere, and a perfect product for you to improve your playing skills.
If you go through all hands with a moment thinking, it would be a noticeable improvement in your playing skill.
Hope you become a very good player and have many iBridgeFun days.
1) Over one thousand hands, almost all are commented to improve your skills. Loads and displays all deals from text file off line.
2) Five modes: demo, train, manual, AI.
AI mode: you play both declarer and dummy, computer play defenders.
Demo mode: the whole playing process trick-by-trick demo.
Auto demo: when in Demo mode, auto demo the playing process, touching any effective key to stop auto demo.
Train mode: trick-by-trick play, a message box will appears which tells what about to play.
Manual mode: by touching the card on the table, you can replay the hands.

(2) iBridgeBest



Versions for iPad/iPhone and iMac.

Bridge Best for Apple TV

iBridgeBest collects a lots of the best hands which includes:
1) The Best Played Hand of the Year (1974-2016)
2) The Best Defense of the Year(1985-2016)
3) The Best Play by a Junior(1996-2016)
4) The BOLS Brilliancy Prize(1977-1987)
5) The Best Play of the Year by a Woman(1985-1986)
6) 2011 Hand of the week (40 deals)
7) 2012 Hand of the week (40 deals)
8) 2013 Hand of the week (40 deals)
9) 2014 Hand of the week (42 deals)

(3) Bridge Exercises



Versions for iPad/iPhone and iMac.

Bridge Exercise for Apple TV

Bridge Exercises offers tons of declarer play exercises for players of all skill levels to practice playing skills.
Level evaluation:
one star: Winning ratio less than 50%
two star: Winning ratio more than 50% and leas than 60%
three star: Winning ratio more than 60% and leas than 70%
three star: Winning ratio more than 70% and leas than 80%
five star: Winning ratio more than 80%

Solution: show you one of the best plays of the hand,
Replay: you can replay the hand, but number of total played hands will not include the replayed hands.

A good bridge declarer relies on a variety of skills, strategies and techniques, Bridge Exercises help you practice more.
Tips for Bridge Exercises
Don't play to the first trick too quickly. Force yourself to stop and think.
Concentrate on the opening lead for a few seconds so you'll remember it later. Decide what it tells you about the leader's length or strength in that suit.
Review the bidding. If one of your opponents has bid, try to come up with a general picture of his point-count and his length in the suit bid.
Always count your losers and winners.

(4) iBridgeCup



Versions for iPad/iPhone and iMac.

iBridgeCup includes (Both Open and Close Room) :
1955, 1957, 1959, 1962, 1967, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1979, 1981, 1983, 1987, 1991, 1995, 1997,
2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 Bermuda Bowl Final.

(5) iBridgeCard



Versions for iPad/iPhone and iMac.

Bridge Fans for Apple TV

iBridgeCard let you play random hands of bridge card game with your iPhone/iPad, it is not an on-line game, does not need an internet connection. Its bidding system is simple natural system. If declarer is North or South, you play both North and South. If declarer is East or West, you play South.
It's a pocket bridge table, you can play bridge game everywhere at anytime. Just for fun.

1) Strong 2 clubs
2) 5 cards majors
3) Weak 2

Next: play next hand, from 1 to 16 and so on.
Replay: Replay the hand if you want,
ReDeal: Deal a new hand, but the played number does not change.

(6) Bridge PBN Viewer & Maker



Versions for iPad/iPhone and iMac.

Portable Bridge Notation (PBN)

Bridge PBN Viewer
PBN is a universal notation to represent bridge games. It can be used in every bridge program for dealing, bidding, playing, and/or teaching. The notation is suitable for all computer platforms.
There are a lot of Bridge PBN files in websites, You can use Bridge PBN Viewer to read them.

Bridge PBN Maker
You can create and export your own Bridge PBN files with Bridge PBN Maker, you can save the result of a game as well as specify rules for dealing, bidding, playing, which allows you enjoy the game whenever you want.

1) Multiple games per PBN file.
2) Displaying PBN Game Contents.
3) Visualizing Bridge cards Moves From Notation.
4) Create and export Bridge PBN files.

(7) Bridge team score



Versions for iPad and iMac.

Support for duplicate bridge scoring (Round Robin):
(1) maximum team number: 22
(2) 25 Rounds: form 1 to 25
(3) 12 Rounds Quarterfinal: segment 1-12
(4) 12 Rounds Semifinal: segment 1-12
(5) 12 Rounds Final: segment 1-12
(6) Sum score for each Round/QF/SF/Final
(7) Cross table for Round/QF/SF/Final
(8) 2012 WBF Continuous VP Scale
(9) IMP table
(10) Printing support.
(11) No of board 6/7/8/9/10/12/14/16/20/32

IMP - International Match Point
VP - Victory Point (2012 WBF Continuous VP Scale)

(8) Bridge Pairs Score



Versions for iPad and iMac.

Support Standard Mitchell Movements bridge scoring:
(1) Maximum Group number: 6
(2) Maximum Table number for each group: 20
(3) Maximum Board number for each round: 6
(4) Maximum Total Board number: 20*6 = 120
(5) Enter Score By Round
(6) Show MP Score and Adjust
(7) Show Score of Each Team
(8) Show Sum Score
(9) Rank:
Double Championships By Group
Double Championships By All
Single Championships By Group
Single Championships By All
(10) Printing.

(9) Bridge score calculator



Versions for iMac.

Bridge score calculator for bridge scoring when you play bridge.

(10) Chess PGN Viewer



Versions for iPad/iPhone and iMac.

Chess PGN Viewer is an application which allows to view PGN format chess games and visualizes moves from its notation.

1) Multiple games per PGN file.
2) Displaying PGN Game Contents.
3) Visualizing Chess Moves From Notation.

(11) Sudoku Baron


Versions for iPad/iPhone and iMac.

Sudoku objective: fill 9x9 grid with digits so that each column, row, and the nine 3x3 sub grids contains all of the digits from 1 to 9.

1) Easy, medium, and hard levels.
2) Hint.
3) Notes.

(12) Custom Your Own TV Channel

Pasted Graphic 1



Version for iMac.

Custom Your Own TV Channel, Watch television on your iMac.

For iMac

Just Drag your xxx.txt file to the window.

- Support m3u8 TV and Radio live Broadcast, and you can custom your own TV and Radio channel.
- Support media file formats such as m3u8, mp4, mp3.

How to make your own live Broadcast source file?

Make your own live Broadcast source file.

Name your file as xxx.txt, then edit and save your txt file in format as below:

TV or Radio Station name,Media Source Link
One line one TV or Radio Station (do not forget The comma)
for example:
(line 1) TV 1,
(line 2) TV 2,
(line 3) Radio 1,
etc. . . . . .
(Save your xxx.txt file as UTF-8)